About PAUI

1. Highest philosophy of PAUI

The highest philosophy of PAUI is to enjoy oneself. In addition, PAUI aims at ensuring worldwide safe flights of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

2. Meaning of PAUI

PAUI means Professional Association of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Instructors. PAUI is a consulting firm of flights of UAS. PAUI was established on December 11, 2013. (Flights of UAS don’t include military flights and acrobatic flights.)


3. Business model of PAUI

The business model of PAUI is almost the same as business models of scuba diving guidance groups. For example, it is almost the same as PADI (world share 60%) of scuba diving, or NAUI (world share 15%). However, PAUI Instructor (etc.) need not have a store, because PAUI does certification of flight videos. This is different.

EX) Instructors


4. PAUI’s system of certification of flight videos

PAUI is doing the certification of flight videos for the first time in the world. For instance, scuba diving doesn’t start if a person doesn’t dive. Therefore, there is only practical certification. However, a pilot and a certified person (examiner) may be anywhere in a flight video of a multicopter. PAUI’s certification of flight videos is that the certified person (examiner) certifies pilot qualifications of people around the world by flight videos while being in his or her own home.

5. Certified persons (examiners) of PAUI

PAUI Director has the authority of certification of PAUI Instructor’s flight videos, Master Pilot’s flight videos, Advanced Pilot’s flight videos and PAUI Pilot’s flight videos.
PAUI Instructor has the authority of certification of PAUI Master Pilot’s flight videos, Advanced Pilot’s flight videos and PAUI Pilot’s flight videos.
PAUI Master Pilot has the authority of certification of PAUI Advanced Pilot’s flight videos and PAUI Pilot’s flight videos.
(PAUI headquarters has the authority of certification of all.)


6. Operating company of PAUI

【Name】 PAUI INC.
【CEO】 Atsufumi Iwasaki
【Address】 2-18-21 Yakuin Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka Japan Zip 8100022
【Tel】 092-201-7333
【Contact】 Please click on Contact.
【Privacy policy】 Please click on Privacy policy.

7. Founder of PAUI

【Name】 Atsufumi Iwasaki
【Career】 Former professor of Japanese economic university. Current real estate investor.
【Skill 1】 Private Pilot License holder (USA and JAPAN).
【Skill 2】 PADI Scuba Diving Instructor.
【Skill 3】 PAUI Instructor.


We took off from the Honolulu airport in Hawaii in October, 2010. I concentrate on taking a picture of animation today.

We came back to the Honolulu airport, after going to the Molokai island. We land.


【Scuba diving】
First of all, I took qualifications of the Rescue Diver and the Divemaster in September, 2010, and
It’s a first day of the test of the Instructor finally. Here is a pool of the Manoa school of University of Hawaii.
Practical skills of the evasion of danger and how to teach are tested to us intently.
The second day. The sea. The Practical skill of how to teach seems to be important, because the Instructor has the authority of certifications of amateur courses.
However, My motive was that I can dive up to 70 years old all over the world, if I became the Instructor.
We dive.
I do my best.
The commemorative photo also ended,
I was able to take it.
This shop is the Sunshine Scuba of Hawaii.
Though there are fishes in the sea,
There are octopuses, too.
There are turtles, too.
There are sharks, too. This shark was gentle. But,
After all, dolphins are good. They kindly compete with a boat for us.