1. The flight based on FAA

PAUI proves your flight technology and flight knowledge by the common standard of the world. Especially, advanced the flight based on FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) increases your confidence.
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2. Let’s become PAUI Master Pilot.

PAUI Master Pilot, Instructor and Director have authorities of certification of PAUI courses’s flight videos. So you can certify PAUI course’s qualifications of people around the world by flight videos, without having a store.
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3. Only now, You can jump and enter a favorite course.

Only now, You can enter one of PAUI Advanced Pilot, PAUI Master Pilot or PAUI Instructor directly, by jumping over in PAUI Pilot. (Usually, you have to go up each course gradually.) For example, in your hope of PAUI Instructor, you can enter it only by the certification fee of PAUI Instructor.

Limited to 100 60 people in total.
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